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Communications Hardware

Buy here all the hardware needed for the modem communication of your installation. Save time and money, and also get discounts on the purchase of our software.

The Hardware Pack brings together under a single reference all the elements necessary to make the communication via modem. Buy online and receive comfortably in 72 hours.

ADVANTAGES in the electrical panel: the Nubitek Hardware Pack lets you save components and space while installing the modem and so gaining comfort:

  • Cable to feed the modem directly from 24V DC (instead of the uncomfortable 220V transformer)
  • PLC connection cable shorter and less bulky
  • DIN rail adapter for the modem


The Nubitek Hardware Pack (Basic version) includes:

  • MC55i GSM/GPRS 4 band MODEM
  • Communications antenna.
  • Power cable for 24V DC source
  • PLC - MODEM connection cable
  • DIN rail adapter for the modem
  • Male-male adaptor for the MODEM connection

Teleservice option: if you want to perform remote maintenance of the PLC, accessed via modem from the programming environment STEP7-MicroWIN, it is necessary to use the Siemens PC/PPI multimaster cable, which allows you to perform Teleservice (basic price + 64 EUR)

Pack Hardware MC55i

Price: 302 EUR + TAX

It is safe and easy to buy your license online.

Shipping included!

Pack Hardware MC55i with Teleservice cable

Price: 366 EUR + TAX

It is safe and easy to buy your license online.

Shipping included!

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