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Free Utils

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Do you need to program a daily alarm? Would you like to calculate production statistics? Use the Nubitek Free Utils library for STEP7-MicroWIN, you will make the S7-200 a more powerful tool. You will be amazed at its ease of use... and it's completely FREE!
Free Utils

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Nubitek Free Utils encompasses a set of functions which enrich the S7-200, making it more powerful and easier to use for the programmer. They are ready to be incorporated into STEP7-MicroWIN and behave like any other function of the S7-200.

Nubitek Free Utils consists of 3 libraries which draw together mathematical, text string management and time management utilities.

  • Innovative and straightforward clock alarm management.
  • Functions either to insert in an SMS or e-mail, or to display on a screen, hour and/or date.
  • Mathematical and statistical functions.
  • Advanced handling of text strings.
  • Scaling of analog signals.

Download and install now Nubitek_Free_Utils completely free!

Nubitek constantly updates its catalogue of functions for the S7-200. If you need a function send us a proposal through the contact form. The next version of Nubitek Free Utils may include your application!


How can I send on Monday mornings an SMS message to production with the status of machines?

Its very simple using the Day_And_Time_ALARM function and the Nubitek_SMS_Manager library:
  • Segment 1: the call to the Day_And_Time_ALARM function with the parameter "07:15:00 MO" activates the output bit Time_SMS during a second on the set day and hour.
  • Segment 2: the call to the Send_SMS function of the Nubitek_SMS_Manager library, using the rising edge of Time_SMS, results in sending the SMS message to the mobile.

[example of code STEP7-MicroWIN]

Summary of Nubitek Free Utils functions:


  • DATE_String: generates a text string with current date.
  • TIME_String: generates a text string with current hour.
  • DATETIME_String: generates a text string with current date and hour.
  • ITIME_String: generates a text string with conversion into hours, minutes and seconds of a time interval measured in milliseconds.
  • Time_ALARM: gives an alert signal on the hour set, every day.
  • Day_And_Time_ALARM: gives an alert signal on the set time and day.


  • atan: arctangent function calculation.
  • acos: arccosine function calculation.
  • asin: arcsine function calculation.
  • Mean_Variance: mean and variance calculation of a sequence of values.
  • Analog_Adapter: carries out the scaling of an analog input to obtain a value with physical sense of the measured dimension.


  • Small_Letter: converts the characters of a text string into small letters.
  • Capital_Letter: converts the characters of a text string into capital letters.
  • Get_Value: captures a numeric value inserted in a text string.
  • S_Compare: compares two character strings.
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