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Nubitek Falcon - the online scada

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Nubitek Falcon is a great revolution: more than just a product it is an online service that connects people and installations via web...
Nubitek Falcon

In Nubitek we understand that new information technologies are a great opportunity to improve management of distributed systems. The high costs and inflexibility of the traditional in-plant scada applications have caused many small remote installations that require care and maintenance to remain isolated.

  • Minimum initial investment, multiuser web access and highly scalable.
  • Perfect for remotely monitoring and controlling distributed installations.

Nubitek Falcon is an online service that receives data from your installations via GPRS and enables you to access them via the Internet whenever and wherever you need them.

Nubitek Falcon general diagram

Monitoring and telecontrol

  • Real time state of the installation.
  • Historical data logs available as plots or tables.
  • All kinds of statistics: hours of use, average values, number of startups, maximum and minimum, aggregate production, and so on.
  • Remote control of working parameters of your installation.
  • Email reports, SMS alerts, alarms and events logs.

Nubitek Falcon is perfect for dynamic projects with multiple users.

  • It is highly scalable because your project grows as you add more remote installations on the fly.
  • Give internet service to all users you need. Each user will have its own level of permissions and so will be granted access to the entire system or only to the appropriate installations or data.
  • It groups the access to all installations into a single environment.

Nubitek Falcon saves costs in development and implementation.

  • Being an online application is has a low-cost start-up because you don't need to settle your own server PC nor installing and mantaining expensive server applications on it.
  • The start-up phase of new remote stations is extremely easy and fast.
  • Users do not have to install any software on their computer, just a simple internet browser.
  • The entire configuration of the project and the addition of new remote stations or new users can be made online and at runtime, without stopping the application.

Visit the Online Demo application!

The demo application demonstrates how Nubitek Falcon gathers and manages information from a network of distributed pumping stations.

  • view the main page with summarized info from all the stations.
  • click on any station's summary-panel to access complete information with graphical layout.
  • remote control buttons and pages to modify the settings of the control program.
  • users and profiles management: some users have permission to view and control the whole system. Some users have only permission to view data from a single station.

Use any of the following users to enter the application with different access profiles:

  • Global operator (user/password: oper): view information from all the stations.
  • Global controller (usr/pwd: control): view information and control all the stations.
  • Single operator (usr/pwd: suboper): view information from a single station .
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