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Nubitek Email

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Nubitek Email is the perfect application for the supervision of remote facilities. Receive regular emails in your PC containing the information you need, comfortably forward them to whoever you want and save on management and maintenance costs.
Nubitek Email

Effective remote management for S7-200

Nubitek Email is a piece of very easy-to-use software that can be integrated into the control program of your facility and that enables comprehensive emails to be sent to your PC with reports containing all the process variables of interest to you.

Nubitek Email is the perfect solution for the effective management and maintenance of widely distributed facilities:

  • It sends reports by email for comfortable and effective supervision. Up to 1500 characters with all the necessary information.
  • It sends SMS messages direct to your mobile telephone for warnings and alarms that require an urgent response.
  • It manages Teleservice access from STEP7-MicroWIN, for improved program maintenance.

Nubitek Email is an advanced tool for wireless communication that can be easily integrated into any control project for the S7-200 simply by adding a GSM/GPRS MC55i modem.

License and Communications Hardware.

Buy online the communications hardware along with the license and receive it comfortably in 72 hours. The Nubitek Pack Hardware includes everything you need, modem, cable and all accessories, and also allows for optimal installation in the electrical panel. >> To know more about the Pack Hardware

Test it for FREE!

Install the Nubitek Email library now for STEP-7 MicroWIN. Download it along with the manual and the example projects.

How can I test Nubitek Email for free? How can I purchase a license for Nubitek Email? The answers can be found in the frequently asked questions.

Price: 98 EUR + TAX 30% discount by buying the Hardware

It is safe and easy to buy your license online.

Great features

  • Sends up to 1500 characters emails with no limit on the variables included.
  • Includes a powerful and easy-to-use tool for editing the text of the email.
  • Sends SMS messages with flexible content and to multiple mobile telephones.
  • Automatically configures the MC55i modem.
  • Manages Teleservice access.
  • Offers maximum robustness: automatic recovery from GSM network failures, power failures, etc.
  • Maximum security: safe send function to guarantee the reception of all email and SMS.
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Our products at work

What can Nubitek Email do for your business? These practical examples will allow you to visualize the impact Nubitek Email can have on your business.

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Example of code

How can I use Nubitek_Email to send an email with the level of a tank?

  • Segment 1: Email_Manager configures the modem and performs the full control of the application. It requires the PIN of the SIM card, the parameters for the GPRS conexion and the Nubitek key.
  • Segment 2: Send_email actually manages the safe sending of the defined email to the indicated addresses.
  • Segment 3: Write_email defines the body of the email, including the text lines and inserting the variables.

[Example of STEP7-MicroWIN code to send an email using Nubitek_Email]

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