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SMS Manager. Detailed information

Nubitek SMS Manager is a solution that offers high performance and requires a minimal startup effort: just connect the GSM modem to the S7-200 interface and let Nubitek SMS Manager do the rest.

Easy to use

The Nubitek SMS Manager library is directly integrated into the STEP 7 MicroWIN environment. This allows you to use the SMS send/receive functions as if they were actual system functions:

  • SMS_Manager: general management of the application.
  • Send_SMS: sends an SMS.
  • Receive_SMS: identifies an incoming SMS.

You will be able to easily develop the SMS communication application together with the rest of the control project, with no incompatibilities of any kind, even for already existing projects.

Features for sending SMS

Sending an SMS with Nubitek SMS Manager only requires a simple program line calling the function Send_SMS. A very simple task that provides powerful features:

  • Manage as many different SMS as needed.
  • SMS messages can have the text and size you want, up to 160 characters.
  • You can have an unlimited number of recipient telephones, even from different countries.
  • Send SMS messages to several telephone numbers at the same time.
  • Insert any numerical variable (real or integer) into the SMS text automatically, specifying the position.
  • Collision control: in the event several alarms are simultaneously sent to the administrator, SMS Manager manages the alarms to arrive sequentially without any loss of information.
  • Debounce filter to prevent the sending of the same alarm more than once for the same event.

Features for receiving SMS

Sending a command or question via SMS to your installation is an easy task thanks to Nubitek SMS Manager. It can be processed in a single line of programming, just as if an operator were to push a control button.

  • Differentiate as many incoming SMS as needed.
  • Define the command pattern based on one or two words.
  • Capture numerical values included in the incoming message.
  • No strict format is required; SMS Manager simply recognizes key words within the message.
  • Highly powerful: it recognizes the message in spite of errors in the use of upper or lower case letters.

More high-level features

The Nubitek SMS Manager features allow you to forget the complicated management of the port in Freeport mode, GSM modem control and string analysis. It all becomes transparent to the user:

  • Stability: the application recovers from any type of failure: loss of power supply, accidental cable disconnection, GSM operator failure, etc.
  • Plug & Play: the modem can be connected as soon as it is taken out of the box: The application configures the modem, uploads the PIN code and is ready to work.
  • Teleservice: Nubitek SMS Manager is compatible with remote access from MicroWIN. The teleservice mode can be activated locally or remotely, sending the SMS, protected against switching.
  • Startup tools: indication of the coverage level, diagnosis of failures, sent message counter, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about SMS Manager

What hardware is required?

  • A SIEMENS S7-200 controller.
  • A SIEMENS MC55i GSM modem (quad band), with antenna and power supply.
  • A SIM card for mobile telephones from your usual mobile telephone provider.
  • A PC/PPI Multimaster cable (ref. 6ES7 901 3CB30 0XA0 de SIEMENS) to connect the modem to the S7-200.
  • A 9-pin, male-male Sub-D adapter, required for the PC/PPI - modem connection.
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What are the minimum hardware and software requirements for SMS Manager?

  • Hardware

    A CPU 224 or higher is required to run Nubitek SMS Manager. The memory requirement for the library program prevents it from running on a CPU 221 or 222. The treatment of text strings performed by the library requires a CPU S7-200 xxx23.

  • Memory

    The Nubitek SMS Manager library has a program size of 6.5 Kbytes.

    In addition, it requires 661 bytes of V memory for internal management of work variables, whose location can be defined by the user.

  • Software

    To install and use Nubitek SMS Manager you must have STEP 7-MicroWIN 4.0 for Service Pack 2 or higher.

For more detailed information, consult the SMS Manager user manual, available on the downloads page.

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How are the text of the SMS messages and the recipient telephone numbers defined?

The text of the message is written in the Data Block as character strings. Recipient telephone numbers are defined in the same manner. For this reason, the user defines them in a simple and flexible way, according to his or her necessities:

  • Manage as many SMS messages and different telephone numbers as allowed by the available V memory.
  • Each SMS can be of a different size (up to 160 characters).
  • The assignation of a symbolic name to the SMS messages and the telephone numbers allows for better readability of the program.
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Can the SMS Manager be used to connect two or more stations of a distributed installation?


By using SMS Manager in each station, an application can be easily developed to send commands from one station to another. The developer can define these commands in a very flexible way: they can be set orders (with a set text message) that always trigger the same actions; or they can be orders which incorporate numerical variables that, when processed, vary the behavior of the planned action at the slave station.

In summary, with Nubitek SMS Manager any communication protocol between machines can be defined.

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How is a numerical variable integrated into a message?

It is done automatically. In the SMS text defined in the Data Block, an identifier is inserted in the position where you would like to insert the variable. This identifier can be &I for a simple integer value, &D for a double integer, and &R, &RR or &RRR for a real value (to include 1, 2, or 3 decimals). On the other hand, the send function Send_SMS, has an input parameter, Value. This way, when the SMS to be sent includes an identifier for the insertion of a numerical value, the number is taken from this parameter and is included automatically.

For example, to send a temperature value with two decimal places stored in the real variable VD200, the following would be written in the data block: VB3000 "The temperature of the system is &RR degrees centigrade", VD200 is written in the Value parameter of the Send_SMS function, and the resulting message received would read "The temperature of the system is 184.57 degrees centigrade".

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How is the remote access via Teleservice activated?

To activate access via Teleservice, you must first indicate the application that configures the port, allowing access. This can be done in two ways:

  • Locally: there is a program bit, available to the developer, used to request this access. This way, access can be activated, for example, from a local keypad.
  • Remotely: the main function of Nubitek SMS Manager has an input field, TS_pass, which defines the password to be provided to the system for a remote teleservice. The teleservice access mode is set by sending an SMS to the installation, which must include the word "teleservice" and the password.

Following, you can activate access via Teleservice from STEP7 MicroWIN, as usual. For security reasons, the system returns to the message mode after two hours of connection, although the online programmer can speed up this process by forcing the END_Teleservice bit a few seconds before disconnection.

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