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About us

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Would you like to receive an email with the production report from the day before? Would you like your installation to inform you of system failures via SMS to your mobile phone? In short, would you like to dominate information?

It is the NUBITEK philosophy, automation for the XXI century.


Nubitek was born in 2006 with a strong vocation: to bring new information technologies to the world of automation.

The founding partners, Lorenzo Rivas and Jes�s Collado, share solid technical training as telecommunications engineers. Their brilliant professional experiences perfectly complement each other in: SIMATIC, a division of SIEMENS, world leader in automation, and ACCENTURE, world reference in the integration of new architectures and the management of large IT projects. This is how the authentic character of Nubitek is built.

Since then, Nubitek has continued to combine engineers with solid experience in SIMATIC automation systems together with the highest qualified engineers in new information technologies, internet, databases, GSM, etc.

Products and Services.

Nubitek combines two areas of work: Nubitek Solutions develops standard applications and Nubitek Projects is the engineering division which provides tailor-made projects.

Nubitek Solutions: IT libraries - Automation for S7-200.

Nubitek Solutions is a specialist in the creation of IT libraries for the SIEMENS S7-200: powerful, very easy to use and most importantly, ready for integration into your system. Our aim is to equip your installation with new and powerful communication functionalities which will allow you to send alarms via text messages, activate processes from your mobile phone, send production reports via email, and perform data logging and view historical data online.

Powerful and easy to use, Nubitek Solutions� products offer another great advantage: they can be freely downloaded and tested before you purchase them. And of course, with the guarantee of an excellent technical support service: Nubitek Support.

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Nubitek Projects: the engineering division.

Nubitek Projects develops projects for clients with specific IT integration needs - Siemens Automation. Our engineering division designs both tailor-made projects and provides consultancy services in IT - Automation.

Nubitek�s experienced multidisciplinary team will work to provide you with installations that process information correctly and ensure that your information is available to you, whenever and wherever you need it, to make the most of your information

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