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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Nubitek different in the automation world?

At Nubitek, we are different because of what we do and how we do it.

What do we do? Nubitek strives to bring new information technologies to the automation world.

To do this, we have combined automation engineers with engineers who are experts in new technologies, internet, databases, etc.

How do we do it? Nubitek pays the utmost attention to detail with its developments to provide its clients with products that abide by the PSI philosophy:

  • Powerful: products which offer innovative IT functionalities and functionalities of great added value.
  • Simple: products which are extremely easy for developers to use. In the past IT automation projects with the S7-200 were complicated; Nubitek wants to simplify these projects for you.
  • Immediate: we have developed an innovative web system which allows us to offer our products to clients in three steps: Download > Test > Buy

    At Nubitek, we are so confident in the quality of our products that we allow our clients to test them for free before buying. For this reason you may freely download our powerful libraries and test them in your own system before you purchase.

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What do I have to do to test Nubitek�s products for free?

You can download and test Nubitek products for free. The test mode allows to use the complete functionality.

Follow these steps to test any of Nubitek's libraries for free:

  • Go to the download page of the product and download the .mwl file.
  • Install the library en the STEP7 MicroWIN programming environment. You will find the instrucciones on how to do this on the download page or on the user manual.
  • The first steps manual will show you how to easily start using the library and develope an example program.
  • If you want to test the program with the actual equipment of your installation, simply configure the test mode, setting the value 0 in the field for the Key (Nubitek_Key). In test mode the system will disconnect the modem after approximately 5 hours, you only have the restart the PLC and turn the modem on to regain complete functionality.
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How can I get the Nubitek Key?

The Nubitek products can be downloaded and tested for free. However, in order to have the application working in your facility definitively you must:

  • 1.Buy a license for the product.
  • 2.Generate the corresponding Nubitek key.
  • 3.Include the key the Nubitek_Key field of your control program.

You must be a registered client to purchase a licensek. The purchased licenses for each product are stored in the client's online stock, that can be accessed in the private area of the Nubitek web site.

To generate a key you must go to your online stock and consume a license. The system will automatically return the Nubitek key that must be included in the control program for the S7-200. It must be included in the Nubitek_Key field of the main function of the library.

IMPORTANT: each Nubitek key is only valid for one single GSM modem. The application will not work if you use the key with a different modem. To receive the specific Nubitek key you must indicate the IMEI number of the GSM modem to be used in the installation.

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What are the available ways to pay?

There are two ways to obtain licenses for a product: purchasing online (instant) and performing a bank transfer. In both cases you must be a Nubitek registered customer.

As a result of the purchase process your new licenses will be added to your online stock. By loggin in and entering your private area, you can check your personal stock and turn your licences into keys whenever you need them.

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How is the online purchasing process like?

Each product page has a button to start the online purchasing process. The system will guide you through the following steps:

  • Registering.If you are still not a registered customer, you will be asked to provide your personal and company data to register in the system.
  • Ordering.Enter the number of licenses to be purchased. The system will automatically calculate offers and discounts if applicable.
  • Payment at PayPal.The process automatically leads you to Pay Pal secure payment site where you can pay by credit card and other electronic means.
  • License stock.Once the payment is verified you can access your private area at Nubitek website, check your stock of available licenses and obtain your Nubitek keys.
  • Invoice.You will receive a .pdf format invoice in your e-mail account.
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How is the bank transfer purchasing process like?

To make payment by bank transfer send us an email with the number of licenses you want to purchase. The steps to follow are:

  • Registering.If you are still not a registered customer, you must fill in the online registration form and provide your personal and company data.
  • Ordering.Send an email to stating your user data and the number of licenses to be purchased. You can also use the online contact form.
  • Offering.You will receive an email with Nubitek's offering, containing the number and type of licenses, discounts if applicable and the final ammount to be payed. You will also be provided our bank account information and an order code to let us identify your transfer.
  • Confirm and Invoice.Once we verify your payment your new licenses will be added to your online stock. You will receive a second email from Nubitek with the purchase confirmation and a .pdf format invoice.
  • License stock.You can access your private area at Nubitek website, check your stock of available licenses and obtain your Nubitek keys.
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What is a library?

A library is a subprogram that performs a specific control function in a self-sufficient and encapsulated way.

An important characteristic of a library is the ability to integrate it in the development/programming environment as system function, ready for use. This allows the developer to easily and transparently use it as a tool in any of his/her control programs, with an important savings in time for development and with greater reliability.

The person using the library only sees a black box to which entry values are provided and from which exit values are obtained with the result. There is no need to worry about its internal functioning.

One example of a library is Nubitek SMS Manager. The person who uses it in his/her programs only has to provide the parameters, such as the mobile number for the recipient and the text. The library internally handles the complex modem management and the sending of SMS messages for the user so that he/she need not be concerned with it.

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What is an IMEI?

An IMEI is an identifier, unique to each GSM hardware device such as a mobile phone, GSM modem, etc.

It is a 15 digit number (in some cases it may have 17 digits) indicating the manufacturer, country and serial number for the device.

The IMEI for GSM modems can usually be found on a sticker located on the bottom of the modem, underneath the barcode.

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¿How does the 30 day money-back-guarantee work?

If within 30 days of use you are not satisfied with your purchase, you get your money back.

Just send us back all the HW elements. As soon as we check they work properly, we will refund 100% of the purchase price, less only shipping and management costs.

This promotion is valid for any purchase of products online including HW packs. This promotion is valid until 31 January 2010.

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