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Useful information for distributors

Dear Distributor:

Nubitek is a company that develops automation software and distributes it online through its website: libraries that allow a Siemens S7-200 PLC, together with a GSM modem, to send and receive SMSs, send email, consult data online, etc.

All of these new applications are in great demand by the automation market. However, until now, there were no solutions that offered good results for a reasonable price, and those which did exist were to complex to use, discouraging potential clients from using them.

Nubitek has managed to overcome these drawbacks by creating software products which are simple to use but with very powerful functionalities. In addition, Nubitek has developed an innovative system which allows its libraries to be distributed for free so that the user may get to know them without damage to the business model.

How is it possible? The client does not pay for the software, since they are able to freely download and test it with no obligation using the test mode. The client pays for the license key that allows the library to work indefinitely and exclusively with his/her modem.

What role do distributors play?

Nubitek wants to collaborate with distributors so that they continue to play a priority role in the sales chain. Participating in the sales process will allow distributors to obtain benefits such as:

  • A margin for the sale of Nubitek library licenses.
  • Increased hardware sales: PLC S7-200, GSM modem, connection cables, etc.
  • An improved image with clients, due to the ability to provide them with state-of-the-art solutions.

What advantages does the Nubitek online license system offer distributors?

  • The distributor can have the software and distribute it to its potential clients at no cost.
  • The client can completely test the software before he/she decides to purchase it.
  • The possibilities for promotion by using the pages on the Nubitek site are wide and low-cost.
  • The distributor does not carry out business only once with a client, but every time he/she sells the client a new license.
  • The purchase may be completed online: there is no stock depletion and the purchase is immediate.
  • There is no physical stock, boxes of software on CDs: the license stock is online and always accessible.
  • The sale of licenses to already captured clients is quick and has no logistics cost.

What specific tools does Nubitek offer to distributors?

  • Preferential online technical support, to study the needs of each client and offer a personalized solution.
  • Commercial tools for sales support: animations with practical application examples to show the final client, printable versions, etc.
  • Private user areas for the management of license stock, acquisition of keys, view activity logs, etc.
  • Different types of discounts in relation to buying volume.
  • Tools for the management of special prices for specific projects managed separately from the general stock.
  • Sending of newsletters to stay ahead of the latest innovations.

How do I register as a distributor?

The complete process consists of two steps:

  • Step 1. Online registration: the registration process is completed online at the Nubitek website. The user registration form should be filled out as usual, simply indicating that you are a distributor when you arrive at the field requesting your activity. From this moment on you are able to make a purchase, but no discount will be applied.
  • Step 2. Verification: once you register, you will receive an email from Nubitek, welcoming you to the program and requesting you to provide documentary evidence to prove that you are an automation distributor. You may send the document by email or postal mail. In response, Nubitek will send you an email with the conditions of the discount. This second step is used to avoid clients from accessing the conditions of the discount which is offered exclusively to distributors.

How does the purchase process work?

Licenses may be purchased via:

  • Bank transfer.
  • Online on the Nubitek website. Payment via credit cards is handled by the payment platform PayPal, world leader in secure electronic payment of online transactions.

The complete process consists of two phases:

  • Step 1. BUY: upon purchase, the distributor will obtain licenses for the Nubitek library specified. These licenses are accumulated in the distributor�s stock, which can be viewed by accessing your private area on the Nubitek site at any time.

    The licenses are generic, which means that you do not need to have the modems when you make the purchase. A license is understood as the right to acquire a key for the indefinite use of the library.
  • Step 2. KEY ACQUISITION: when the distributor makes a sale to the final client, he/she converts the licenses in his/her Nubitek stock into keys for use by the client. This process is also conducted online from the distributor�s private area and is immediately accessible.

    To supply the final client with the license key, you must have the GSM modem to be installed. This modem has a unique identifier, the IMEI, a 15 digit number located on the sticker on the bottom of the modem. By providing the IMEI and consuming one of the stock licenses, the distributor may obtain the key for his/her client, which will only work for the modem which corresponds to the IMEI supplied.

I encourage you to register as a distributor (it takes only 2 minutes) and this way, in addition to other benefits, you can:

  • Access your private areas on the site.
  • Receive updated information on improvements made to products or our online manuals.
  • Receive notification of new libraries incorporated by Nubitek into its range of products.
  • Enjoy special discounts for distributors.
  • And... receive an interesting welcome promotion!

We are convinced that the products we offer you will help you to continue to find good business opportunities and provide excellent service to your S7-200 clients. Count on our support and collaboration, and for additional information do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal.

Sincerely yours,

Lorenzo Rivas
Sales Manager

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